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We Invent to Make Dining Better.
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We Invent to Make Dining Better.

About Us

Hopewell Tableware (P) Ltd., was founded by Padmashri Swapan Guha who is a great visionary as well as a technocrat. Within a span of three years, our organization progressed as one of the leading brands in the tableware products. We are recognized as leading manufacturer and supplier of Opal Melamine Tableware & Bone China Tableware. With more than three decades of experience, we have acquired expertise in designing and forming Larah Opal Glass Dishware, Oriole Melamine Dishware, Larah Porcelain Dishware, etc. Our products are acclaimed for its exquisite designs, colours and shapes.

We have always focused to achieving utmost client satisfaction by ensuring elegant, exquisite and attractive designed tableware like Melamine Tableware, Bone China Tableware. We have done this by aligning and reforming our manufacturing facilities with the modern machines and equipment. Utilizing the state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, our skilled and experienced team of employees have helped us in bringing forth innovative designs of recyclable and eco friendly products. Besides, we have developed a vast distribution network that aids us in reaching to clients within the lowest lead times possible. With reliable distribution network, satisfactory clientele and in-house facilities, we have established us as a trusted brand name amongst corporate, retail and hospitality industry.

Our Vision

We are determined to create innovative quality tableware like Melamine Tableware, Bone China Tableware for our clients without compromising with our principals and values.

Our Mission

To explore and identify new horizons by constantly enhancing our potential while ensuring quality, design, cost and support to clients.

Our History

A famous adage popularly says, Courage does not always roar it is sometimes a quiet voice. At the end of the day, it is only that ˜Tomorrow I will try once more.

It has been a difficult decision to initiate world's first ever completely automated IT infrastructure table ware production plant. Besides, huge capital, trained technical manpower was also required for this project. Apart, mega resources were required to ensure working of this modern and sophisticated production machines.

With no traces of footsteps on the sand, it becomes difficult to create them by own as the stakes involved are quite high in comparison to returns. But once they are created, they become milestones for the future generations.

This becomes a task if you are not from business background. Padmashri Swapan Guha, professionally a technocrat, initiating business was challenge for him and his founder team.

Similar happened with Hopewell tableware project. Vision and courage combined successfully to form one of the most successful business stories.

Company was based on the strong foundation of principles and values and making profits was never on the agenda. The projects was never considered a business but a child which needs care and attention.

It was a daunting task for a technocrat to establish a big manufacturing business successfully. However, 32 years of industry experience and expertise in innovating some of the best ceramic and tableware brands globally paved the way to excellence.

In the beginning, pure melamine products, manufactured by the company gained appreciable response in the market. As the production plant was in its initial process therefore focus was greater on its operation than its marketing aspects.

Eventually, marketing efforts were aligned by our dedicated employees and with their continued and tireless efforts, our company successfully established a strong base of 50 reliable distributors and 2000 dealers. With the support of manpower, a strong framework of infrastructure, resources and technology was created to foster development of ceramics and tableware.

With the help of state-of-the art technology, latest designs and unmatched quality was embedded in the system to develop best end products which were trendy and innovative.

Recepient of Padmashri from GOI, Swapan Guha and Prem Singh Bajor, founder chairperson of the  Bajor Group of companies, came together in 2010 to establish this dream organization.